Coconut Nectar,Raw & Organic


Coconut Syrup is essentially Coconut Nectar which has gone through the process of controlled evaporation until it reaches the desired viscosity and concentration. What makes Coconut syrup beneficial is the low glycemic index and the nutrient content. That’s why this coconut syrup is a promising product for diabetes patient and those with obesity.

You can buy coconut oil, syrup, sugar, desiccated coconut and coconut flour in any quantity you can find, because you can simply use what you need, then package and freeze the rest. It can be used straight out of the freezer. Coconut oil (or butter at low temperatures) will keep indefinitely in your cupboard. If it has hardened because temperature has fallen below 70 degrees F, simply scoop

Besides its health benefits, coconut syrup has a delicious unique caramel-like taste that can enhance the flavor of your food and drinks. You can even use it like other syrups as a topping for pancake, waffle or breads. You can also sweeten your coffee or tea. It can be used as substitute for refined white sugar in baked and pastry products or even in milkshakes! The possibilities are endless!

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Raw Coconut Sap Nectar grown without chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. … Nice flavor too, it taste a bit like maple syrup with a hint of vanilla.


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